Balanced between the tidally locked faces of Pluto and Charon is the private mining station, Tulihänd. The habitat oversees the largest mining and comet-catching operation on the outer rim. Massive crawlers strip-mine local planetoids and Kuiper Belt objects, extract ore, minerals, and organics, and launch them back to Tulihänd. After refinement, the raw materials are nano forged into automated scows and launched to the next collection point. Despite automated defenses and secrecy around launch timetables and buyers, the scows leaving Tulihänd are popular targets for pirates.

Tulihänd residents have a reputation for bellicose saber-rattling and bluntness, but a strong work ethic. The persistent threat of insiders sabotaging operations for profit has made the inhabitants chronically suspicious. Conflicts between management and labor are common. A suggestion of wrongdoing is enough for invasive questioning and neural mapping by management. Agents operating in the area are suggested to undergo memory editing, to prevent the possible leakage of sensitive information. Despite expectations, outside threats have bound Tulihänd into a tight technosocialist republic.