Protocol is the art of making a good impression in social settings. This includes keeping up with the latest memes, trends, gossip, interests and habits of various (sub)cultural groups.

Use Protocol whenever you need to choose your words carefully, determine who is the appropriate person to speak to, impress someone with your grasp of customs, or otherwise fit into a specific social/cultural grouping. Part etiquette, part street-wise, Protocol allows you to navigate treacherous social waters and put people at ease. If the character is dealing with a suspicious or hostile audience, make this an Opposed Test against the target’s WIL + WIL + SAV.

Sometimes a player will make a mistake that their character never would, whether that’s failing to stand in the presence of hypercorp royalty, confusing a gang leader for a peon, or accidentally insulting someone’s heritage. In cases like this, the player may make a Protocol Test for the appropriate eld in order to negate the gaffe. If successful, the character never actually screwed up or at least managed to cover their tracks without ruf ing any feathers.

Example (optional) specializations include Anarchist, Brinker, Criminal, Factor, Hypercorp, Infomorph, Mercurial, Reclaimer, Preservationist, Scum, Ultimate.