Animal Handling

Skilled animal handlers are able to train and control a wide variety of natural and transgenic animals, including partial uplifts. Though many animal species went extinct during the Fall, a few ark and zoo habitats keep some species alive, and many others can be resurrected from genetic samples. Exotic animals are considered a sign of prestige among the hypercorp elites, and guard animals are occasionally used to protect high-security installations. Likewise, many habitats and settlements employ small armies of partially uplifted, genetically modi ed, and behaviorcontrolled creatures for sanitation or other purposes. Many new and strange breeds of animal are created daily to serve a variety of roles.

Animal Handling is used whenever you are trying to manipulate an animal, whether your intent is to calm it down, keep it from attacking, intimidate it, acquire its trust, or goad it into attacking. Your Margin of Success determines how effective you are at convincing the creature. At the gamemaster’s discretion, modifiers may be applied to the test. Likewise, winning an animal over may sometimes take time and so could be handled as a Task Action with a timeframe of five minutes or more.

Example (optional) specializations include Per animal species.