Spray Weapons

Spray weapons blast their ammunition outwards in a widening cone, allowing them to strike several targets at once. By default, spray weapons are equipped with safety and smartlink systems.

Moderate Buzzer

Equipped with a specialized nanobot hive, Buzzers are used to spray a nanoswarm on a target or area. They have a limited capacity of swarms, though the nanohive can construct one new swarm each hour. This weapon is two-handed.

Moderate Freezer

Freezers spew out a fast-hardening foam that immediately begins to harden. They are primarily used as a non-lethal method of immobilizing or securing a target. Struck characters must immediately make a REF x 3 Test or become trapped. Apply a -30 modifier to this test if the attacker scored an Excellent Success (MoS 30+).

Low Shard Pistol

The shard pistol is a flechette weapon, firing a stream of of diamondoid monomolecular shards at high velocities. These micro flechettes are very good at penetrating armor, but they do not disperse kinetic energy well and so do not cause as much tissue damage as kinetic weapons. Shard ammunition is often coated with drugs or toxins for extra efficiency.

Moderate Shredder

A heavier version of the shard pistol, the shredder res a larger cloud of lethal flechettes, enough to shred a portion of the target into a fine mist.

Low Sprayer

This is a general-purpose two-handed squirtgun, loaded with tanks filled with the chemical or drug of the wielder's choice.

Moderate Torch

This modern flamethrower uses condensed ammunition capsules rather than fuel tanks, scorching targets and setting them on fire. Any hit that is an Excellent Success (MoS 30+) sets the target on fire, where they will continue to take 2d10 damage per Action Turn. These chemical fires are particularly difficult to put out unless they are deprived of oxygen. Torches are two-handed.