Weapon Accessories

Low Arm Slide

This slide-mount can hold a pistol-sized weapon under a character’s sleeve, pushing the weapon into the character’s hand with an electronic signal or specific sequence of arm movements.

Low Extended Magazine

This ammunition case has an increased capacity. Increase the weapon’s ammo capacity by +50%. Only available for firearms and seekers.

Low Flash Suppressor

This device obscures the muzzle flash on firearms, applying a -10 modifier on Perception Tests to locate a ring weapon by its flash.

Moderate Gyromount

This weapon harness features a gyrostabilized weapon mount that keeps the weapon steady. Negates all modifiers from movement.

Low Imaging Scope

Imaging scopes attach to the top of the weapon and act like specs. Scopes may also bend like a periscope, along a character to point the weapon and target around corners without leaving cover.

Low Laser Sight

This underbarrel laser emits a beam that places a glowing red dot on the target to assist targeting. Apply a +10 modifier to Attack Tests (not cumulative with a smartlink modifier). Laser sights may also be used to paint a target for laser-guided smart ammo or seekers.

Low Safety System

A biometric (palmprint or voiceprint) or ego ID sensor is embedded in the weapon, disabling it if anyone other than an authorized user attempts to fire it.

Moderate Shock Safety

Just like a safety system, except that an unauthorized user is zapped with an electric shock. Treat as a shock baton.

Moderate Silencer/Sound Suppressor

This barrel-mounted accessory reduces the sound of a firearm's discharge. Apply a -10 modifier on hearing-based Perception Tests to hear or locate the gun's firing.

Moderate Smart Magazine

A smart magazine allows the character to pick and choose what ammo round will be fired with each shot. This system leaves less room for bullets, however, so reduce the weapon's ammunition capacity by half (round up). Smart magazines may be combined with extended magazines, in which case ammo capacity is normal.

Moderate Smartlink

A smartlink system connects the weapon to the user's mesh inserts, placing a targeting bracket in the character's field of vision and providing range and targeting information. Apply a +10 modifier to the Attack Test. Smartlinks also incorporate a microcamera that allows the user to see what the weapon is pointed at, fire around corners, etc.

Trivial Sticky grenades

Sticky grenades have a special coating that when triggered becomes a sticky adhesive, allowing the grenade to be stuck to almost any surface. Sticky grenades can even be wielded in melee combat, smacking them on an opponent to be detonated later.

Moderate Underbarrel Seeker

This seeker micromissile launcher is commonly attached to the underbarrel of SMGs or assault rifles. It fires in semi-auto mode.