Survival Gear

The following gear is often critical to the survival of soldiers, spies, criminals, gatecrashers, emergency service personnel, and others who regularly venture into unsafe or unfamiliar regions.

Trivial Basic Cold Weather Gear

Cold weather suit w/ face mask and goggles protects from cold temperatures to -50C, allows full maneuverability.

Moderate Bio-Defense Swarm

A swarm of bio-defense nanobots may be purchased separately in simple canisters from which they can be programmed and released to cover a 10-meter radius area. Without the hive, this nanoswarm will deplete to ineffectiveness after 2 weeks.

High Bio-Defense Unit

Though it is unlikely that gatecrashers will catch an alien disease, they are more likely to suffer (some- times severe) allergic reactions to alien compounds or encounter alien life or environments that are poisonous, acidic, or otherwise harmful. In order to create a safe zone for an encampment in an alien environment, gatecrashers may deploy a bio-defense unit (BDU).

Low Breadcrumb Positioning System

This worn device leaves micro "breadcrumbs" behind as the character moves. These devices interact with mesh inserts (or ectos) as long as they are within range (50 meters), allowing the user to map their position in relation to the breadcrumb trail.

Low Breather

Backpack unit can supply breathable oxygen indefinitely when supplied with 1kg of water and 2 hrs of sunlight /day.

Trivial Breather Bladder

An accessory to Breather unit stores waste methane to be used to fuel machinery.

Moderate Breather w/extra power

Backup power supply for Breather unit increases operational time to 1 week without sunlight.

Expensive Crasher Suit

Recently developed by Omnicor, this is a high-end version of a standard vacsuit customized for a gatecrasher’s needs. It has all of the features of a standard smart fabric vacsuit (p. 333, EP) except that it provides 10/10 armor and is equipped with wrist-mounted tools (p. 309, EP) and a Life-Support Pack (p. 159).

Moderate Defense Beacons

Gatecrashers usually have no idea what sort of hostile entities they may face on a new world. When making camp or investigating an area, defense beacons keep gatecrashers from being surprised by dangerous wildlife, rival parties of gatecrashers, or ancient auto- mated defense systems.

Moderate Electrogravitic Net

Also called a safety net, this fail-safe system uses electric fields to counter gravity when falling. While the system is not able to actually levitate heavy objects, it will slow down a fall enough that the user can land safely if the gravitational force is not too high (the fall height is not greater than 50 meters in 1G).

Low Electronic Rope

The fibers in this rope can be controlled electronically, making it move in a snake-like fashion, stiffen up, and even wrap around objects. Typically comes in a 50-meter length capable of supporting 250 kg.

Moderate Emergency Bubble

Commonly used as a last resort "life raft" on spaceships, an emergency bubble is made of advanced smart materials and comes in a portable package that can be quickly inflated (1 Action Turn) around the user, usually inside an airlock. The bubble has a 5-meter diameter and can comfortably accommodate 4 people.

Moderate Emergency Distress Beacon

This small but powerful transmitter is powered by a nuclear battery and will broadcast any programmed distress call for years. Though portable and medium-sized, this beacon has a range of 500 km in urban areas and 5,000 km elsewhere.

Trivial Emergency Rations

Sometimes all technology fails. Even the best makers and life support systems can break down or be disabled by hostile actions. Since alien plants and animals are almost universally inedible, some gatecrashers carry along a supply of compressed emergency rations.

Moderate Faraday Suit

Originally designed for exploring habitats that had been attacked or largely destroyed by the TITANs, this device has also been adapted for use on high- risk gatecrashing missions where the gatecrashers suspect that they will encounter TITAN-created relics or aliens devices that might produce a variety of dangerous inputs.

Trivial Filter Straw

Designed to function without power or the need for any active nanotechnology, filter straws contain a set of specially designed self-cleaning microfilters that allow the user to safely drink any liquid that contains even a small amount of water. Filtration straws filter out mud, salt, and all dissolved chemicals or suspended particles.

Trivial Flashlight

These handheld, wearable, or portable lights can display light in the normal visual spectrum, infrared, or ultraviolet, as desired.

High Hard Suit

This heavy-duty suit can almost be considered a miniature space ship. Hard Suits look like large metallic ovals with jointed arms and legs. They are quite heavy, but the user can move relatively easily by using servo assist motors in all the major joints of the arms and legs. Unlike other vacsuits, they are solid and can resist both vacuum and up to 100 atmospheres of external pressure.

Moderate Healing Pod

Healing vats are too expensive and bulky for most gate- crashers to carry with them. However, both medichines and nanobandages heal wounds at a much slower rate. Also, neither of these two types of medical technology can deal with the most severely wounded morphs. Instead, both place such morphs in medical stasis.

Moderate Hibernation Pod

Once activated the device becomes a rigid pod filled with both solid foam and the user. This device works on all biomorphs and pods.