Trivial Atropine

Though poisonous in large doses, atropine is an effective antidote against nerve agents like BTX2 and Nervex. Easily synthesized in a maker, atropine will avert the effect whether taken soon before or after dosage by a nerve agent.

Trivial DMSO

This chemical acts as a carrier, allowing other chemicals to be absorbed through the skin. It allows any chemical agent to be applied dermally.

Moderate Liquid Thermite

Similar to scrapper's gel, liquid thermite comes in a gel form that is easily applied under all environmental conditions (by the nature of its chemical reaction, thermite is oxygenated and will burn underwater or in space). It is ignited with an electric charge, burning at temperatures exceeding 2,500 degrees Celsius and melting through whatever it is touching.

Trivial NotWater

NotWater is an effective liquid fire retardant that does not get objects wet, no matter how absorbent they are"it simply beads up and slides right off.

Low Scrapper's Gel

This goo turns into a potent acid when given an electrical charge. It comes in a gel-like state and may be smeared like jelly, and may even be used in space. In acid form, scrapper's gel does 1d10 + 5 DV per Action Turn to anything it touches, unless the material has been treated against acid.

Low Slip

This liquid is almost entirely frictionless. When spread around an area (commonly used in splash grenades), anyone attempting to walk or run on the affected surface must make a COO Test or fall down. Likewise, any coated surface becomes extremely hard to grip onto, requiring a SOM Test to hang on. Anyone attempting to grapple a slip-soaked character suffers a -30 modifier.

Trivial Tracker Dye

This liquid is colorless at normal light but becomes recognizable under pre-specified different wavelengths (such as infrared or ultraviolet).