Scorchers are damaging neurofeedback programs used to torment hacked cyberbrains. To utilize a scorch program, the intruder must beat the defending Ego in an Opposed Infosec Test. The –30 modifier for cyberbrain hacking applies to the attacker.

High Bedlam

Bedlam programs assault the ego with traumatic mental input, inflicting mental stress. Victims are overwhelmed with horrific, monstrous, sanity-ripping sensory and emotional input. Each attack inflicts 1d10 SV.

High Cauterizer

This scorch program rips into the ego with destructive neurofeedback routines. Each attack with a cauterizer inflicts 1d10 + 5 DV on the target ego. This damage is reflected as digitized neurological damage.

High Nightmare

Nightmare programs trigger anxiety and panic attacks within the victim by stimulating the neural circuitry representing the amygdala and hippocampus. The target ego must make a WIL x 2 Test. If they succeed, they are shaken but otherwise unaffected, suffering a -10 modifier to all actions until the end of the next Action Turn.

High Shutter

Shutters target the victim's sensory cortices, inflicting a -30 modifier to one chosen sense. Double this modifier if the attacking hacker scored an Excellent Success. This modifier reduces at the rate of 10 points per Action Turn.

High Spasm

Spasm programs are design to incapacitate the ego with excruciating pain. Affected targets must immediately make a WIL x 2 Test. If they fail, they immediately convulse, are disabled, and writhe in agony for 1 Action Turns per 10 full points of MoF. If they succeed, they still suffer a -30 modifier to all actions, which reduces at the rate of 10 points per Action Turn.