Exploration Gear

Most of these items end up in the arsenal of every gatecrashing team.

Expensive Blue Box Portable Gate Control Unit

Portable gate control unit (GC p. 142). Requires a Hardware: Electronics Test as a Task Action with a -10 modifier and a timeframe of 1 hour.

Moderate Gate Probe

Portable medium-sized self-deploying sensor packages. Taking a measurement requires only 1 Action Turn. Has Perception 40 and Academics: Chemistry 60

Moderate Mapping Missile

Small orbital missile which provides low res planetary map data in 1-2 days. Has Perception 40 and Academics: Chemistry 60

Low Portable Solarchive

Small data storage units that hold mesh libraries for specific subjects (one knowledge skill at 60). Allows queries and research tests as if connected to the mesh.

Moderate Scout Missile

Disposable launch tube with sensor missiles. Maps 5km radius or 10km in a direction in 20 min and has a Perception of 40.