Cosmetic Mods

In an age of universal beauty, artistic cosmetic modification of your body is commonly pursued by many transhumans. Body mods once considered dangerous or edgy are now safe and commonplace, especially among factions like the anarchists, scum, or brinkers.

Low Bodysculpting

If your morph's enhanced physique isn't enough, you can take it further with custom bodysculpting such as as elongated ears or fingers, nose alteration, hair addition/removal, feathers, exotic eyes, snakeskin, endowed genitalia, and more unusual physical alterations.

Low Nanotat

Tattoos created with nanobots can move around the body, change shape/color/brightness, texture, alternate text and images, and/or even create minor holographic effects on the skin's surface, all controllable via mesh inserts.

Expensive Nanotat ID Flux

This highly illegal system is a programmable version of the nanotat ID. Any new (fake) ID may be programmed in, and the nanotat may be reconfigured in seconds (1 Action Turn) to switch to another ID pattern in storage. This nanoware may not be configured for legal IDs unless they are actually legal or their encryption has been cracked.

Trivial Piercings

Name any part of the body and someone's figured out a way to pierce it, probably multiple times. Hoops, barbells, plugs, and chains are extremely common, often made of shapechanging smart materials.

Trivial Scarification

Given modern medical abilities, scars of any sort are purely an affectation.

Low Scent Alteration

Minor changes to a body's biochemistry can alter a character's natural smell or constantly perfume them.

Trivial Skindyes

Dye jobs are available in all conceivable colors and patterns.

Trivial Subdermal Implants

Adding small implants under the skin can create bumps, ridges, piercing anchors, and similar textures and alterations.