Smart Animals

These partially uplifted and bioengineered animals have rudimentary intelligence and limited communication skills. They make for fine companions and helpers.

Aquarium Pet

Not so much a pet as a prison, aquarium pets are transgenic aquarium animals such as koi, plecos, or axolotls that have been implanted with a ghostrider module. The ghostrider module has no control over the animal’s body but is fully wired into its sensorium as if it were living a real-time XP recording. An ego “sleeved” into an aquarium pet experiences being a sh, from the sensation of swimming to autonomic drives such as hunger and urination.


Both bees and pollen wasps have been genetically modi ed and interbred, creating several new species of insects that provide a valuable pollination service in habitat gardens. These swarms live in large nests/hives, produce honey, and prey on other insects, serving as a biological form of pest control. Some of these breeds are quite large, growing up to 8 centimeters in length. They adapt quite well to microgravity. Many have been trained to assist with other gardening tasks, such as collecting debris or trimming leaves.


These small transgenic primates are used by the Church of Luminous Saints to spy on and advise ordained members. They are biosculpted to look like tiny winged angels.

Fur Coat

A so-called “fur coat” is outerwear made from a living primitive organism. The creature’s skin, fur, or scales are real. The organism is cultivated from transgenic stocks and grown around molds into clothing shapes, often with actual usefulness: polar bear parkas, seal diving suits, porcupine coats, etc. Fur coats are modified with wireless controls and haptic systems, so they can be made to move, shiver, massage, or prickle up on command.

Gardener Insect Swarm

Interbred and gene-modified bee and wasp variations pollinate habitat gardens. Growing up to 8 centimeters, they live in large hives, produce honey, prey on other insects, and help with gardening. Some are trained for security or assassination, attacking when certain pheromonal cues are released.

Guard Dog

These smart dogs are trained for security or policing purposes and upgraded with Bioweave, enhanced vision, hardened skeleton, and reflex booster implants.

Poisonous Marmoset Swarm

A Titan Tech prank that got out of hand, these bands of ten-centimeter-tall poisonous primates were thought to have been eradicated, but it’s always possible some got away.

Police Baboon

Police baboons are transgenic Cape baboons modified for obedience, heightened intelligence, and longer attention spans. Still of only (enhanced) animal intel-ligence, they are typically fielded in groups of two to seven with police handlers. Working as a police baboon handler is an extremely dangerous job, as the baboons have been known to turn as a pack upon their handler in mentally stressful situations, such as when attacked with sensory or nerve agents, or more rarely when subjected to psi or encounters with exsurgents.

Rust Hound

Rust hounds are large, transgenic dogs. In addition to being able to breathe the Martian atmosphere, they're able to smell it and are sometimes used as trackers.

Security Dog

Partially-uplifted smart dogs are commonly used for security purposes, especially among the Martian hyper- corps, as they’re cheaper than troopers and don’t form unions. They are managed by handlers, who use Trooper stats with an additional Animal Handling 45 (Smart Dogs) skill.

Smart Camel

Less smelly and less obstinate than their unmodified forebears.

Smart Cat

Though smart cats deign to let humans pet and feed them, they are even more stubborn and independent than their baseline forebears. Nevertheless, some have been trained for surveillance and other purposes

Smart Dog

Commonly used as discriminatory guardians, smart dogs are sometimes enhanced with combative bioware or cybernetics.

Smart Hawk

Enhanced versions of peregrine falcons and other predatory birds are common in large, open habitats, and the hobby of falconry has made a comeback. Some smart falcons have been trained for surveillance or security purposes, tracking or finding subjects from overhead.

Smart Horse

Favored for riding and hauling gear and respond well to verbal commands.

Smart Monkey

Commonly used by criminal groups for minor larceny such as pickpocketing, smart monkeys can be useful and intelligent aides.

Smart Racoon

Raccoon helpers are employed as personal assistant and for many of the same tasks as smart monkeys. Some are even trained to get along in free fall, though they are mostly found in habitats with real or spin gravity.

Smart Rat

These upgrades of the common Norwegian rat are clever and dexterous, and they easily fit into a pocket or hood.

Smart Wolf

Smart wolves are sometimes favored over smart dogs as guardian animals and companions, partly because they tend to be more vicious and are superior tracker

Space Roach

Grown to the size of a small dog, these insects are often biosculpted for bright colors and patterns. They are useful for minor janitorial duties.