Gear is all of the equipment your character owns and keeps on their person, from weapons and armor to clothing and electronics. You buy gear for your character with customization points during character creation (see Purchase Gear, p. 137) and in the game with Credit or Rep. Certain restricted, illegal, or hard-to-find items may require special efforts to obtain (see Acquiring Gear, p. 296). If you have access to a nanofabricator, you may be able to simply build gear, presuming you have the proper blueprints (see Nanofabrication, p. 284).

Even among the remaining capitalist economies, prices can vary drastically. To represent this, all gear falls into a cost category. Each category defines a range of costs, so the gamemaster can adjust the prices of individual items as appropriate to the situation. Each category also lists an average price for that category, which is used during character generation and any time the gamemaster wants to keep costs simple.

Low 360-Degree Vision

The shell's visual sensors are situated for a 360-degree field of vision.

Trivial Ablative Patches

These thin and light slap-on patches of stick to armor and are designed to absorb heat and energy from beams and explosions, safely vaporizing and blowing hot gas away. Ablative patches increases the Armor Value by +4/+2, but each hit reduces both the energy and kinetic value of the ablative armor by 1.

Low Access Jacks

Usually located in the base of the skull or neck, this implant is an external socket with a direct neural interface. It allows the character to establish a direct wired connection using a fiber optic cable to external devices or other characters, which can be useful in places where wireless links are unreliable or complete privacy is required.

Low Accushot Ammo

Accushot bullets change shape within flight to keep dead on course, countering the effects of wind, drag, and gravity over distance. Attacks made with accushot bullets ignore all range modifiers.

Moderate Acoustic Spotter

This portable sensor system detects the audio signature of kinetic weapons fire and attempts to focus the camera and rangefinder on the source.

High Active Countermeasures

This code helps an infomorph resist brainhacking (p. 148) by installing additional firewalls and layers of security applications within the infomorph's digital mind. The infomorph (or anything else serve as active security for its mind-state) receives a +10 modifier on attempts to zero in on spotted intruders (p. 257, EP).

High Active Hyperspectral Imager

The active model incorporates infrared, ultraviolet, terahertz and radar imaging. See the rules for hyperspectral sensors, PO p. 162.

Moderate Active ID Protection

An active service that goes out of its way to protect an identity. Notifying authorities of theft attempts and directly blocking attacks.

High Adaptive Interface

One of the most hoped-for finds on any gatecrashing expedition is any piece of functional alien electronics—especially any alien data storage medium still containing data. In the rare circumstances that such a relic is found, the adaptive interface is the tool designed to enable transhumans to understand, activate, and potentially interact with it.

High Adrenal Boost

This adrenal gland enhancement supercharges the character's adrenal response to situations that invoke stress, pain, or strong emotions (fear, anger, lust, hate). When activated, the concentrated burst of norepinephrine accelerates heart rate and blood flow and burns carbohydrates.

High Advanced Internal Articulation

The design and arrangement of the flexbot's rigid superstructure is bleeding edge. The timeframe for shape changing is reduced by half. It also suffers no SOM penalties for hyper-extending its limbs. This modification must be added when the morph is first acquired.

Expensive (min. 35000) Agent

While some infomorphs who work in network security and penetration testing use this eidolon, it is most popular with hackers and criminals. Many users also purchase the digital veil plug-in.

High Alpha

Alpha is a more subtle version of BringIt, popular with hypercorp execs, street thugs, and anyone else who wants to come across as a domineering asshole. The pharm designer who invented it had a retro sensibility (and maybe a sick sense of humor); Alpha is typically synthesized as a sparkling white powder designed to be snorted.

Trivial Analog Sensors/Tools

Given the digital characteristics of the exsurgent virus and the potential of sensory-based basilisk hacks, some agents and researchers have resorted to using archaic analog gear for specific missions and tasks deemed high-risk.

Moderate Anarchist Militia Bot

These disc-shaped drones are lightweight and quiet. They are typically launched by throwing them like a frisbee, after which they propel themselves with an ionic drive. Saucers make excellent "eye in the sky" monitors and scouts.

Moderate Animal Keeper AI

Like a muse for smart animals, this AI overwatches a critter’s activities, directs it as needed, and alerts the owners to any emergencies or other problems. If the animal is equipped with a puppet sock, it can also jam it like a biodrone.

Moderate Animal Training

One month of training for an animal.

Moderate Anonymous Account

These accounts are crucial for anyone who wants to be discreet with their online transactions. See Anonymous Account Services.

Low Anti-Glare

This visual mod eliminates penalties for glare.

Variable Antimatter Grenade

Sometimes, Firewall operatives are faced with a situation where defeating an exsurgent threat is impossible and total destruction of the incursion is the only effective option. Antimatter grenades are ideal tools for this task. This weapon comes in two versions, large and small. The large grenade contains 0.1 grams of antimatter, which is sufficient to create a 5-kiloton blast.