Player Characters

Sang Q. Shim

Zen master with a BLT obsession. Knows 50 ways to introduce his foot to your crainum at high speeds.

Luquie Merher

Luquie was born into a large family of pirates inhabiting the asteroid belt. Learning to fly and operate ships almost before he could walk, he enjoyed the freedom of the pirate life but found the whole murder thing somewhat distasteful. As a teen he left the family and began an itinerant life of smuggling and scamming, picking up a bit of a drinking problem at the time.


Aaron remembers the Fall with almost a sense of relief. A homeless teen well on the way towards a life of prostitution and  drug addiction when the war began, he was lucky enough to get himself evacuated once the fighting started to get bad.  Since then, he has done his best to make a living as a fixer, locating lost goods - and occasionally lost people - for those willing to pay.


When he allows himself to be seen, Chess appears as a 30-lb.

Shadow Enkalyn

Native Language: German

Background: Luna > Raised With A View of Earth

Background: Mars > Martian Elite

Background Event: You hone your headshot skills in VR combat simulations. Gain the Murder Simulator Addict trait

Adult Pre-Fall Focus: Psychosurgeon

Sani Sanjiv (सानी संजीव)

Language: Hindi

Background: Earth-born > Privileged Enclaver

Background: Martian-Settler > Slave Labor

Background: Sunward > Venusian Colonist

Himari Ito

Natural Language: Japanese

Background: Earthborn > Hyperelite

Background: Created not Born > Lost

Background Event: Your parents raise you with some unusual ideas. Gain the Faulty Education trait.

Age: 20

Esha Matri

Though born poor on Earth, 

Motivations: +Indenture Rights, +Thrill Seeking, +Nano-Ecology

Aptitude: Inquisitive

1PP Focus: Scientist (+Research, +Science!, +Technoprogressivism, –Bioconservatism)

3PP Background: Indenture (+Hard Work, +Survival, –Hypercorps, –Indentured Service)

Vael Ganesasivagnam

After the fall, I was young, broke, and scared. I had thought myself a good person, a proud person. But I turned to scavenging to survive by the skin of my teeth. I picked up one smuggling  job and I became a criminal. I joined a crew of pirates and lost myself completely in the adrenaline and desperation.

Tschnimov RJ45

Youth: Infolife Machine AGI

What understands machines better than a machine mind? Your code is focused on interacting and controlling software and hardware so that humans don’t have to.

Background: The strictness of your parents leaves you only one choice: to excel at lying. Gain +10 Deception skill

48 years old